Differences between pre industrial and post industrial pastimes

Topics: Middle class, Working class, Sociology Pages: 4 (422 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Identify differences between popular recreations in pre-industrial Britain and rational recreation in post-industrial Britain. Explain why the changes occurred.
Discuss the influence of social class and gender on participation in sports and pastimes in both pre-industrial and post-industrial Britain. [20]

Indicative content

Sub sub-max 5
comparison of
Sub sub-max 5
Popular Recreation &
Rational Recreation
Explanation of Differences
1. Local
Regional / national / international
2. improved transport / improved
communications / impact of railways
3. Uncodified /
simple Rules
4. Increased literacy / influence of ex-
public schoolboys / dev. of NGBs
5. Cruel & / or
Respectable / civilised / non violent
6. The civilising process / influence of
change in attitudes
7. Occasional
8. More structured free time / increased
free time / machine time / Saturday
1/2 day
9. Rural
Urban / suburban
10. Impact of industrial revolution /
urban revolution
11. Occupational
For leisure
12. play was an integral part of life in
Pre-industrial Britain whereas it
became something to do after work /
impact of Protestant work ethic
13. Wagering
Wagering reduced
14. Increased law and order / adverse
attitudes of church / factory owners
towards gambling.

Alternative valid points / equivalents should be accepted

Influence of Social Class
In Pre-Industrial Britain
In Post-industrial Britain
15. Britain predominantly a 2 class
society / upper class / gentry /
aristocracy v lower class / peasants
attitudes / values (if mark not given
21. Emergence of new middle class /
middle class attitudes / values
(if mark was not give earlier)
16. Each class played different games /
e.g. real tennis for upper class and...
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