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MAR 4613 - Marketing Research

Exam 2 - Study Guide

Chapters: 5-8

Chapter 5 - Observation

1. List The Seven Kinds Of Primary Data About Individuals That Interest Marketers. a. Demographic / Socioeconomic Characteristics
a.i. Ex. Age, education, occupation, marital status, gender, income, and social class. a.ii. Demographic variables are often used as a basis for market segmentation. b. Personality / Lifestyle Characteristics

b.i. Ex. Personality Traits, Activities, Interests, Values
b.ii. Personality refers to the normal patterns of behavior exhibited by an individual, that distinguishes that individual from others. b.iii. Lifestyle Analysis is based on the idea that a company can be more successful if it knows more about its customers in terms of how they life, what interests them, and what they like. c. Attitudes

c.i. Attitude refers to an individual’s overall evaluation of something. c.i.1. Attitude is one of the more important notions for marketers. c.ii. Marketers work hard to deliver products and services that customers will evaluate positively. d. Awareness / Knowledge

d.i. Awareness/Knowledge as used in marketing research refers to what respondents do and do not know or believe about some product, brand, company, advertisement, or other element. d.i.1. Unaided Recall refers to a method used to measure awareness in which consumers, without being given any clues, are asked to recall what advertising the have seen recently. Unaided recall represents the highest level of awareness. d.i.2. Aided Recall refers to a method used to measure awareness in which consumers are prompted, typically with a category cue. (They are asked to remember all ads or brands that they have seen for products or services in a particular product category) Aided Recall represents a relatively high level of awareness, but the presence of the cue makes the task easier than unaided recall. d.i.3. Recognition refers to the method used to measure awareness in which consumers are shown actual advertisements, brand names, or logos, and are asked whether they remember seeing each one. Because the task is simply to recognize whether they have seen the ad, the recognition task is much easier for respondents and represents a lower level of awareness. e. Intentions

e.i. A person’s intentions refer to his/her anticipated or planned future behavior. e.ii. Intentions are often gathered by asking respondents to indicate which of the following best describes their plans with respect to a new product or service. e.ii.1. Intentions receive less attention in marketing than other types of primary data because there is often a big difference between what people say they are going to do and what they actually do. f. Motivation

f.i. A motive is a need, want, drive, urge, wish, desire, impulse, or any inner state that directs behavior toward goals. f.ii. A marketing researcher’s interest in motives typically involves determining why people behave as they do. This is because if we understand the forces underlying consumer behavior, we are in a better position to design and offer products and services that can satisfy the motives driving that behavior.

g. Behavior
g.i. Behavior concerns what individuals have done or are doing, in marketing, this usually means purchase and use behavior. g.ii. Behavior is a physical activity or action that takes place under specific circumstances, at a particular time, and involves one or more actors or participants. g.ii.1. One of the key issues in capturing behavioral data, is deciding exactly what behaviors to capture. Thus the study of behavior, involves the development of a description of the purchase or use activity, either past or current, with respect to some of all of the following characteristics: (What, How Much, How, Where, When, and Who) g.iii. Behavioral data can be obtained by observing behaviors or by...
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