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7/11 is a 24 hour convenience store, with over 551 stores nationwide. On November 1982, PSC or Philippine Seven Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, It acquired from Southland Corporation of Dallas, Texas the license to operate 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines in December 13, 1982. Operations commenced with the opening of its first store in February 29, 1984 at the corner of Kamias Road and EDSA Quezon City, Metro Manila. 7/11’s vision is “be the best retailer of convenience for emerging markets.” And their Mission is “To make daily life easier by providing modern convenience.” The company’s Core Values are the ff:

Customer focused
Results oriented
This project focuses on addressing and resolving overweighing issues that is encountered by the 7/11 branch manager in Victoria de Manila, Taft Ave cor., Malvar st, Malate, Manila.

Problem Statement
Along with several other issues, the overweighing problem of the Branch Manager that needs immediate attention is:

Inventory is the overweighing problem of 7/11 is with regards to their branch inventory. The allowed credit limit of each 7/11 branch is 0.5% of total Inventory Credit. The common traits of lost items are that they are undersized and costly items.

7/11 has a standard their service process. The standard 5 steps are as follows: 1.Greetings
2.Eye contact

Since the company has a wide variety of products the service blueprint varies upon what product a customer purchases, whether it needs enhancement, condiments or packaging. Other than that, the company’s main mission is to provide modern convenience. The PSC choose to locate their branches in prime locations not only to maximize profitability but also to provide quality service to potential clients around...
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