Accounting Information Systems 4

Topics: Sales, Error detection and correction, Accounts receivable Pages: 5 (1493 words) Published: January 28, 2011
Which control(s) would best mitigate the following threats?

A. The time worked field in a payroll transaction record contained the value 400 instead of 40. As a result, the employee received a paycheck for $6,257.24 instead of $654.32. -Conduct a check between fields, separating the salaried and hours and minutes fields. -Conduct a limit check to ensure that the minutes do not exceed the predetermined value of 60 and hours don’t exceed a predetermined value. Regular hours-worked field in weekly payroll must be less than 40 hours, if this is exceed the company has to pay overtime. The system should have some kind of sign to alert the user that 40 hours have been exceeded.

B. The accounts receivable file was destroyed because it was accidentally used to update accounts payable. -All files should have header labels to identify their contents. Conduct a validity check, comparing file labels and content. -All programs should check these labels before processing transactions against the file. Conduct a file label control to ensure that the correct and most current files are being updated. -Conduct a write-protection mechanism to protect the files against the accidental erasing of data files stores on magnetic media.

C. During processing of customer payments, the digit 0 in a payment of $204 was mistakenly typed as the letter “O”. As a result, the transaction was not processed correctly and the customer erroneously received a letter that the account was delinquent. -A field check should be performed to check whether all characters entered in this field are numeric and there are no alphabetic characteristics. -Conduct a cross-footing and zero-balanced test to verify the accuracy of the method used. There should be a prompt correction and re-processing of erroneous transactions.

D. A salesperson mistakenly entered an online order for 50 laser printers instead of 50 laser printer toner cartridges. -Conduct a range check; quantity ordered has to relative to the product type. If 50 would be an unusually large number of monitors to be ordered at one time the system should alert the user about this discrepancy. -Conduct a reasonable check to verify that the stock number matches the item that is ordered.

E.A 20-minute power brownout caused a mission-critical database server to crash, shutting down operations temporarily. -Conduct a write-protection mechanism to protect all information against the accidental writing over or erasing of data files stored on magnetic media. -Conduct a data backup procedure; keeping a backup copy of the most current version of a database, file, or software program. -An uninterruptible power system should also be used to provide a reserve power supply in the event of power failure.

F.A fire destroyed the data center, including all backup copies of the accounts receivables files. -Conduct a data backup procedure, maintaining duplicate files at an off-site location. -Storage files in a fireproof storage.

G. After processing sales transactions, the inventory report showed a negative quantity on hand for several items. -Perform a sign check, to determine if the data in a field has the appropriate arithmetic sign. All inventories in hand should have a positive sign. - Conduct a reasonableness test to determine the correctness of the logical relationship between the sales transaction and inventory quantity on hand.

H. A customer order for an important part did not include the customer’s address. Consequently, the order was not shipped on time and the customer called to complain. -Conduct a completeness check to verify whether all required fields were filled in. -The required fields should have some sort of information or sign (e.g. *) next to them, indicating that the users have to the filled out these fields before the sales order is finished. The program shouldn’t let the users save the sales order before all required fields have been filled out.

I. When entering a...
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