Analysis Of The Indian Dairy Industry

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Analysis of the Indian dairy industry

Analysis of the Indian dairy industry
My new venture is Lakshmi Dairy which (According to Hindu mythology cow is considered to be the goddess of wealth and prosperity) attempts to encroach the simple dairy merchandise. Processing the milk in my dairy which iam likely to set up in my home town, that is acquired from farmers from surrounding villages. My ultimate target would be from the day-to-day consumption and flourishing dairy products such as butter, cheese, yoghurt, especially types of Milk itself i.e., Skimmed milk, semi-skimmed, whole milk. Keeping in mind my previous experience, in my family business (Lakshmi Milk Booth) along with my father, collecting milk from various farmers and distributing them in our village, which I thought will be helpful for me in starting a dairy firm. This helps me to expand my family business (Lakshmi milk booth) by employing my villagers who at least have a minimum qualification which helps them in handling the sophisticated equipment that is used in this whole process.

Food, clothes and shelter are the three basic necessities of human beings where food is considered to the first and foremost thing for the survival of the human beings (source). It can be consumed in the form of liquids such as water, milk, natural fruit juice, beverages etc as well as solids such as baked food, cooked food, natural fruits and vegetables etc. As milk is considered as the highly nutritious and the complete food, it is consumed in a large quantity. Especially, for the kids who are less than 3 yrs old, it is suggested by doctors that Milk gives sufficient calcium, proteins and vitamins before they can digest any other food (reference, u can’t say on ur own). Not only kids but also people who are aged above 45 yrs are habituated to consume milk as a part of their break fast, as it strengthens teeth and bones and supplies required calcium (reference please).

Indian dairy industry:
Agriculture is the largest private sector and is also known to be the lifeline of the Indian economy. More than 60% of the population is dependant on the agriculture while 58.2% of the work force is directly or indirectly employed by means of agriculture. (Reference please, when giving facts and figures u need references for sure)

Dairy farming is the most important part of the agriculture for thousands of years now and India is the largest milk producer. It produces 112 million MT with the highest share of 13% of the world’s production, which costs approximately 105,946 crores (£1 = 72) (Shiva kumar Hedaoo, 2010) (this one is ok)

Dairy industry is the highest contributor of the rural economy and hence it is considered to be the backbone of the agricultural sector. It is the leading source of nutrition, Bio-gas, employment, income of cash and a ‘cushion for drought proofing in India (Patel, 1993; Paroda, 1998).­of­the­indian­dairy­industry­marketing­essay.php



Analysis of the Indian dairy industry

Market Research:
The world’s largest and the cheapest milk producer is India (Shiva kumar Hedaoo, 2010). Dairy products in India have a market value for about 100 billion. For many years now, the dairies in India have been delivering universally required products such as Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk, vanaspathi (ghee), butter, cheese etc. So as to capture the market place they have also started producing new dairy products like low fat milk, sweet yogurt etc. also the traditional sweets like rasmalai, rasgullas etc.

thereby creating an opportunity for the new entries.
Dairy farming industry in India is one of the most rapidly growing industries, which is in turn is providing various opportunities for the new entrepreneurs. However, media (electronic and press) and the government play a key role in educating the people about the importance of the milk consumption and its...
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