Anxiety and Teens: Identifying the Problem and Solution

Topics: Anxiety, Fear, Adolescence Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Anxiety and Teens, how to identify such issues and what to do to help

Teenage years are ones of high stress, difficult decisions, and soaring emotions. The life of a teenager seems oftentimes like a soap opera, with the extreme highs and lows, dramatic outbursts, and the unexplained "silent treatments.” Anxiety can result from a broken nail, a lower grade on a test than anticipated or other seemingly trivial issues. In a world of cell phones, I pods, I pads, portable television, and other high-powered technology, children learn from a very young age that faster is better. The culture in America promotes a feeling of always having to get ahead, and this reflects on teenagers especially, as they are still impressionable children trying to be adults. They are looking to the media, as well as their surroundings, to find their identity and who and what they are expected to be. All of this can spark anxiety no doubt. Parents often are looking for answers and ways to support their teens through all of this. Anxiety occurs when someone feels like he or she is in danger or is being threatened in some way. Anxiety can be a useful and can be a basic survival skill that's normal and natural in most cases. Anxiety is often sparked by the anticipation of an event or being fearful of something happening, for example, teens might feel anxious before giving a presentation in science class or during cheerleading tryouts, teens might fear being bullied. While these examples may be normal, for those suffering with an anxiety disorder, these worries, obsessions or fears become overwhelming, many times these anticipations are found to be irrational or untrue but still negatively impact due to the inability to see them as such. Anxiety can be debilitating if the teen doesn't know how to cope with it. Parents should be aware that Anxiety disorders occur when the anxiety affects the teen's daily living (both physical and emotional), ability to be successful in school and ability...
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