Benefits of Exercise

Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Weight loss Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: April 9, 2013
*Exercise can be explained in many ways as it is an physical activity or movement that it is planned, structured and repetative for the purpose of involving any part of the body.

*Exercise also can be practise habitually or constantly in daily life desired by the needs of the indiividuals.

*Thus,exercise is benefical due to its many benefits which is keeps your body strong and healthy,releases tension and improving your skilll of using the technology in gym.

*Firstly,exercise keep our body strong and healthy.

*Exercise can reduce the risk of a disease like a heart disease, stroke,high blood pressure,obesity and others that can harm our bodies.

*In order to stay fit and healthy,just do a exercise for 10-20 minutes per days or per weeks can make us healthy. ~Examples of exercises that we can do are jogging,walking,aerobic exercise,playing badminton and so on.

*Thus ,with a simple exercises can make us   stay healthy.
*Secondly,the benefit of exercise is can help us to release tension. ~An experiment has been made, where people have tension in their work or study and when they do a little exercise they have been reduced tension.

*In addition, for patients with asthma can not do strenuous exercises they can take a walk in the park while inhale the fresh air and  see the green plants can also release their tension.

*Lastly,another benefit of exercise is can practice us in improving our skill of using the technology in gymnasium.

*Exercise not only canbe practice or carried out at outdoor or environmental place only, thus it also can be apply at the gymnasium.

* By practising exercise at the gymnasium that aided with many modern equipment for exercise,people can improve can improve their skill in using these equipment in order to cope with the modern life and technology. ~By this,people would feel there are many service that served anywhere for them for exercise and do not limited in garden only.
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