Catcher in the Rye :Psychological evaluation

Topics: Anxiety, Holden Caulfield, Posttraumatic stress disorder Pages: 9 (3269 words) Published: November 10, 2013
 Psychological Evaluation
              Princendale Psychiatric Hospital
Name: Holden Caulfield
Evaluation Date: December 16th, 2012
Case No: 1124 3553
Admission Date: December 10th, 2012
Purpose for Evaluation:
The patient is a 16 year old, single, white, male. He is currently a junior in high school and was recently expelled from his boarding school Pencey Prep in Agerstown Pennsylvania, where he was the manager of the fencing team. Family admitted this patient after suffering a nervous breakdown. The purpose for the current evaluation is to determine whether or not the patient suffers from any mental illnesses.  

Assessment Procedures:
·                         Clinical Interview ·                         Mental Status Examination ·                         Physical Examination ·                         Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) ·                         Blood Test ·                         Medical History Review  

·                         Physical tests as well as lab test are conducted to rule out the possibilities of the patient having a serious health issue, which could lead to signs of a mental illness.  

 Background Information:
            Based on the clinical interview of the patient I was able to determine that the patient has a difficult time communicating with his peers. He appears to be very discontent with society and tends to isolate himself from those around him. The patient has a very hard time connecting with his peers and is unable to properly socialize with others. The patient talks about not liking humanity but then will usually ask past friends to join him for a drink. He can usually only hold a conversation with an adult figure or a person of authority such as his former English teacher, Mr Antolini and his former history teacher Mr. Spencer. The patient was also able to communicate with Ms. Morrow. The patient voluntarily isolates himself from society and believes that all those around him are "phony".  He mentions that he wishes to become the catcher in the rye and save children from growing up. The patient is convinced that growing up automatically makes you a person who is very phony. The patient’s use of the term phony is superficial; it gives the indication that his use of the term phony makes the patients own perception of people other than himself superficial. The patient strongly criticizes people who are what he would refer to as "boring, insecure, and phony ". Holden feels victimized by the world around him and he feels as if he does not belong. He believes that nobody is able to relate to him, because of this the patient is a very lonely individual and chooses to not interact with his peers or those around him and frequently alienates himself from society.  

            This patient does not meet the academic standard and does not actively participate in school. Although he manages the fencing team his academic grades are quite low. He previously attended four different boarding schools. Three of which are Elkton Hills, Whooton School, and Pencey Prep. The patient was expelled from all of the schools he previously attended because of his poor grades. He refers to the previous learning institutions that he attended as phony. He believes that these institutions were filled with thieves. This patient have a minimal amount of friends at the schools he previously attended, he did not try to interact with others. This patient has no real ambitions or goals he wishes to achieve in his lifetime. He appears to be very intelligent but does not have the motivation to put forth effort in his studies. This patient is very capable of academic success if the effort was put forth. The parents of the patient were unaware that the patient had been expelled from his most recent school.  

            The patient is the child of a wealthy corporate lawyer and a society woman mother.  His family is very conservative and appears to be wealthy. He is the...
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