Topics: Fear, Anxiety, Panic attack Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Lorelie Gomez
December 1st, 2012
Mrs. U'Lawnda Lewis

Claustrophobia is a fear or panic of being in a small space which involves emotional and physical reactions to triggering situations. This phobia could have developed in an individual either as a child being trapped in a small space playing a childhood game, or even as a young adult whom got stuck in an elevator. When these particular events happen, he or she accidently trap them self into a small confined room, this event can trigger a panic attack that programs the brain to feeling anxious. (

Claustrophobia is a fairly mysterious disorder. It does not appear in the annals of medicine until the 1870s. A French physician working in Paris wrote of two people who reported feeling anxious when they were inside their apartments with the doors closed. These cases emerged when Paris was rapidly urbanizing more people were crowding into the city, and life was getting cramped. Shortly after these cases were written down, a similar case developed in a man who lived in New York just as that city was becoming more urbanized. Some theorists postulate that claustrophobia resulted from the rise of the modern city (Marsh, 2002). Symptoms of claustrophobia are sweating, fast rapid heartbeat, nausea, fainting feeling, light-headed, shaking, and hyperventilation. Situations that are common that can cause anxiety in claustrophobia sufferers which include: Being inside a room: the individual will look for an exit, being inside a car: the individual will avoid driving on the highway or major roads where there is heavy traffic ,being inside a building: the individual will avoid taking elevators, being at a party: the individual will stand near a door, being on an airplane: the individual will sit near the window or close to the door. Though the fear of claustrophobia may be intense ,with treatment, it can be...
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