Conflicting Perspectives

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Practice Task for Conflicting Perspectives
* Advertisement for SBS television program Go Back to Where You Came From * Paul Sheehan's opinion piece You Call This Even-handed? Refugee piece is Strictly for the Gullible. Allow one hour for the task. View the ad for Go Back to Where You Came From twice. Read the article criticising the television program, Paul Sheehan's opinion piece You Call This Even-handed? Refugee piece is Strictly for the Gullible. Answer the questions below, being guided both by time and by the amount of marks.

1. Identify the perspective on the issue of refugees communicated in each text (4marks) 2. How does the advertisement for Go back to Where You Came From try to appeal to its target audience? (4 marks) 3. How does Paul Sheehan's opinion piece attempt to discredit the SBS program, Go Back to Where You Came? (4 marks) 4. Analyse and discuss the ways in which textual forms and language are used to represent the perspectives communicated in both texts. (8 marks)

Things you could talk about could include:
audiovisual piece: people speaking directly to camera/ to audience, juxtaposition and contrast arising from different examples of this, music, the use of bleep censor to cover swearing, voiceover, with and without text on screen, 'insert titles' to identify settings or sequences, rhetorical questions, night-time footage, images of frightened participants, repetition, costume, settings, emotive language, close-ups, mock refugee boat. Other common techniques for audiovisual pieces can be seen at Wikipedia under 'film techniques' but could include lighting, use of still images, montages, mise-en-scene, sound effects, symbolism, graphics. article: title, persuasive or emotive language, high modality, rhetorical questions, parallelism, quotations, hyperbole, statistics, comparison, contrast.
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