Coral Away Essay

Topics: The Real World, Question, Coral reef Pages: 4 (1733 words) Published: December 6, 2011
The play Away by Michael Gow shoes the character of Coral to be in need of change in her distinctive world. Discuss how this applies to the play. Michael Gow’s play “Away” presents Coral as a character that is in urgent need to undergo profound change. At the introduction of the play, Coral is introduced to the audience as an emotionally unstable and isolated character. Through the use of stage directions, “Coral doesn’t respond”, it is clear that Coral is in her own distinctive world and alienated from society unable to deal with the real world. However, at the conclusion of the play, Coral is presented to be no longer absorbed in her own grief by being able to finally accept her son’s death and express her emotions with her husband, Roy. In the first Act, Scene 2, it is revealed that her son has passed away by Gwen stating, “She looks awful, poor woman, her son, you know”. After the death of her son, Coral has become “away” from herself and beginning to lose touch from reality. Coral is unable to participate in social circumstances as seen when Gwen tries to start a conversation as to which “Coral stares at her for a moment and then looks away”. This shows her ignorance and how she’s lost in her own world unable to realise anyone else. Through the soliloquy Corals unstable condition is emphasized through her speech showing that she is unable to cope consumed in a world of grief and misery. Within this monologue she makes a direct quote to her son, “Is it better for them to die like that?” referring to her young, innocent and perfect son. Corals soliloquy reveals her isolation and confusion by stating, “What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?” This rhetorical question is repeated and expresses her world of grief finding it hard to cope. In Scene Three, Roy compares Coral to her behaviour “like a ghost”, wandering around “with that smile staring into the distance, not seeing anyone, ignoring people”. Coral replies, “But I’m not ignoring them. I can’t think of...
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