Corporate Level Strategy Guide

Topics: Ingvar Kamprad, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: November 22, 2010
- Article: Kim and Mauborgne (1997). Value innovation: The strategic logic of high growth, Harvard Business Review.
SESSION 11: Presentations about business strategy
4-5 assigned teams should make a 10’ presentation of one company of your choice, its current strategy in a given industry, its key strategic challenges in the near future, and your recommendations. You are NOT allowed to use a written case as background information. Your analysis needs to come from public information obtained from the business press, corporate reports, Internet, or interviews in the firm. Each student in a team that did not present this day will rank the quality of the presentations based on its overall quality, including the strategic analysis, research, and recommendations of each group. The average ranking will constitute 50% of the team’s grade and the professor’s assessment will account for the other 50%.

SESSION 12: Corporate strategy and diversification
- Grant: Chapter 15
SESSION 13: Acquisitions and restructuring
Case: Vivendi: Revitalizing a French conglomerate
- How good was the strategy followed by Dejouny?
- What have been the key decisions made by Messier? How has he been able to create value?
- Considering what happened to Vivendi after 1998, where did Messier go wrong?
- Grant: Chapter 16
SESSION 14: Diversification and the corporate office
Case: PepsiCo, A view from the corporate office
- Why did PepsiCo expand its operations beyond soft-drinks?
- What value does PepsiCo provide to its business units?
- Should PepsiCo push for further integration? If so, how?
- Article: The value of the parent company. Campbell, Goold & Alexander (1995). California Management Review, 79-97.
SESSION 15: Internationalization
Case: Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA (HBS 9-390-132)
- What are the main competitive advantages of IKEA?
- How transferable are they to its international stores?
- What can be the weaknesses...
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