Creative Innovations and Their Impact on Consumers

Topics: Real estate, Party, Entrepreneurship Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: February 22, 2010
Evaluation of Impact of Innovations
Over the years innovation in various organization have led to be quite lucrative for business owners as well as exciting for the consumers. Currently, there are two organizations innovations that has proven to be lucrative is Jump Houses for parties and Salons or Spa for girls day or a girls birthday party. Both innovations owners started out with little money and the company is a huge success. The creativity of the innovations is working quite well for the owner and the consumer. Jump Houses

Jump Houses are inflatable structures are structures made of a flexible outer membrane or fabric that is filled with gas, such as air or helium. The gas gives shape and strength to the structure (GOOGLE). These jump houses come in various shape, sizes and colors that entertainment for children at parties.

The impact of Jump Houses have spread throughout the United States quite fast. The owner of We Jump 4 U currently operating out of Fairfield, California is excited on how great the business is doing with this innovation. We Jump 4 U started with two “simple” jump houses. The colors were pink and blue costing the owner $300 each. We Jump 4 U rented the jumper every weekend at the cost of $150 for eight hours or 4 hours for $80.

The strategy the owners used was to market the product at children’s birthday parties as another form of entertainment other than musical chairs and pen the tail on the donkey. The marketing strategy paid off and within a short-time, sales were up and more Jump Houses are in need to meet the demand.

The process of the Jump house business was easy for the owner. We Jump 4 U did not create a business plan for the business. The owner happened to read about the jump house. The owner did not own a home and could not afford to purchase the two jump houses. The owner just used “word of mouth” and that is how the business took off. The process is simple, buy two jumpers, haul in the truck every weekend and make...
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