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Intro to Criminology
Victimology is the branch of criminology that examines the nature and extent of crime victimization. Victims may suffer long-term trauma, and quite possibly post-traumatic stress disorder. A lot of victims become fearful and go through serious life changes. People who are victims tend to engage in antisocial behaviors afterwards. Males are more often the victims of crimes rather than females; women are more likely than me to be attacked by a relative. The poor are much more likely than the rich to be victims of violent crime; the wealthy are more likely to be targets for personal theft. Younger, single people are more often targets than older, married couples. Crime victimization tends to be interracial. Victim precipitation theory suggests that crime victims may trigger attacks by acting provokingly. Some people just live in areas that are magnets for criminals, like the ghetto. Victims who have insufficient protection present motivated criminals with targets. Chapter 11

Larceny is the taking for one’s own use the property of another by means other than force or threats on the victim but is still considered theft. Passing bad checks without adequate funds is a form of larceny. Shoplifting involves theft from a retail store by stealth and deception; some shoplifters are impulsive. Embezzlement occurs when trusted persons or employees take someone else’s property for their own use. Burglary is the breaking and entering of a place in order to commit a felony, usually theft. Some burglars attack the same target repeatedly, mainly because they are familiar with the layout and protective measures. Professional burglars have careers in which they learn the tricks of the trade from older, more experienced pros.
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