Drug Illegalization

Topics: Poverty, Affirmative action, Racial segregation Pages: 4 (965 words) Published: May 8, 2014
Dan O’Rourke
Mr. Browne
In 2009, white citizens in the United States had a net worth of $113,000, Asians totaled around 78,000, and Blacks and Hispanics averaged around 6,000. White citizens racked up nearly 20x the net worth of black citizens. How did the wealth gap grow to this extent? In the article “Uncle Sam Lends a Hand”, government wrongdoings and systematic exclusions are exploited. The article lists the creation of social security in 1935, which created a safety net for most workers and guaranteed them income after retirement, because it excluded most low income workers who were predominantly minorities and kept them from receiving benefits and protection. Also listed, is the suburban growth due to the federal housing programs in the 1930s-40s. This created a loan system that discriminated against minorities by granting low cost loans and higher ratings to all-white communities and giving low ratings and denying most minority neighborhoods of any loans. The 3rd contribution to the wealth gap in this article is the urban redevelopment in 1949 from the National Housing Act which destroyed much of the housing in urban areas and did not replace it in attempts to renew them. De facto segregation is the segregation of a race because of high concentrations of that race in a certain area not because of law, but because of “fact”. Usually this occurs when a large amount of a minority moves into an area because they weren’t welcome anywhere else and soon enough the whole community becomes a minority neighborhood filled with segregated schools. The housing in the area will start to look beat down because of the lack of income that most of the families in that area make. De facto segregation can come about through forms of mostly internalized racism, or the acceptance of the stereotypes laid out by the majority’s viewpoint. Many minorities will see that others of their similar background live in a certain area and will start to believe...
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