Ehtnic Minorities

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, United States, Police Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Why are Ethnic Minorities more likely to be searched and seized?

Title: Why are ethnic minorities more likely to be searched and seized? 1. What is search and seizure?
a. How does it affect ethnic minorities
b. Are black men more targeted than any other race?
2. Non- white and white officers targeting minorities
c. What is racial profiling
d. How is racial profiling used to target ethnic minorities 3. What are the effects of racial profiling on minorities e. Does racial profiling cause aggression towards police f. How does racial profiling help police

Search and seizure is a procedure that is used by law enforcement when they feel as though a crime has been committed and they stop the person and seize them or their property. They confiscate anything illegal and use this in the court of law to prosecute them. Stop and search has been an issue in the black community more times than any other race. There has been evidence of racial discrimination in search and seizure. African American men have been targeted more times than any other race, even though all races are stopped especially while driving. There is a phenomenon known as driving while black, black men are stopped more times than white, although Black and Hispanics were more likely to be subjected to personal and/or vehicle searches during traffic stops, but significantly less likely to be found in possession of contraband. Explanations for these findings were typically based on speculation regarding officers' racial animus, bias, and discrimination. Such high rates of ethnic disparity and discrimination is a result of biased police officers or officers that are racist. Some are even swayed because of police subcultures and others opinions. One possible explanation posed by law enforcement officials regarding the racial/ethnic disparities in search rates is racial/ethnic differences in involvement in drug trafficking and other forms of...
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