Elements of Fiction

Topics: Narrative, Antagonist, Narrator Pages: 1 (476 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Tess Shanks
Elements of Fiction Exercise
Theme-The theme consists of jealousy and loneliness, Miss Brill is observing everyone she sees in the park. She is lonely and wishing some of the people were different because they don’t know what she feels like and I think she would give a lot to be where they are. Protagonist- Miss Brill is the protagonist. She is explaining how she sees everything and her jealousy of others. She is flattered when she thinks of herself as an actress because she is part of the show for being at the park on the same bench every Sunday. She wore her fur for the cold air. But also ends up getting hurt by her observations. Antagonist- The antagonists are the boy and girl that sit on the bench with her. They talk about her and her eavesdropping ends up hurting her in the long run. She is always observing and listening to others and now she is hurt by what she hears. They make fun of her and it changes her whole outlook and schedule of her Sunday. Narration/Point of View- The narration is third person point of view. The narrator talks about Miss Brill by name so we know it isn’t her speaking. Symbolism-Symbolism is used in the first and last paragraphs when talking about her fur. The fur is an animal with eyes and a nose and it comes together from the tail to head. Draped around her neck, she wears her fur. She talks about the fur as if it is still alive, it is important to her in many ways. Plot- Miss Brill goes to the park every Sunday. She watches the band play, and sits on the same bench. She observes the people around and is clearly a lonely woman, the fur she wears around her neck means a lot to her. She thinks of it more as someone than something because it was once a living animal. She is jealous of some of the relationships she sees and then hurt by one of the couples she eavesdrops on. She then is discouraged and sad and skips the end of her Sunday routine. Conflict- The conflict occurs when the young boy and girl sit on her bench...
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