Exercise and Health

Topics: Obesity, Muscle, Exercise Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Carlos Romero
Dr. Qualls
English 111
April 27, 2012
Exercise and Health
Exercise: the key for a healthy life
What is exercise? Exercise is any activity requiring physical effort, carried out specifically to sustain or improve health and fitness. Any time people think of exercise it pops out the image of a sweaty body in a gym working out or someone running in a track. The feeling of tiredness is regularly related to the concept of exercise. Of course, the definition of the word is broad and it has a connotative meaning usually depending on the frequency that the person does physical activity. For some it may represent pain, but for joy and fun. The human body is considered by the scientists as one of the best designed “machines” because of all the processes occurring in it at the same time and their accuracy. While this paper is read the human body is processing information, breathing and making millions of other tasks exemplifying its complexity. The association between exercise and health is a reality. The physical activity is necessary for the human body to perform correctly. In other words, health is achieved mainly through exercise, the changes it produces in the body and other factors as a balanced diet. The lack of it causes diseases and health threats. “Disease is defined as a condition of the body in which there is incorrect or abnormal function of the one or more of its parts” (Lamb 366). Obesity is an example. In the United States, more than one third (35.7%) of the adult population is obese based on a study conducted by U.S Department of Health and Human Services. According to Dr. Metheny “The muscle action keeps the body alive, affects the feelings of the individual, alters the condition of the muscle itself, or accomplishes some external objective. In a word, exercise is life itself, for it characterizes every living moment” (39). There are many kinds of exercise and each one of them has specific effects on the human body. As well, the...
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