Eye Exercises for Myopia: Exercises to Cure Nearsightedness

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Eye Exercises For Myopia: Exercises To Cure Nearsightedness
Scientific evidence proves that eye exercises bring about significant and lasting improvement in myopia. Do not strain your eyes when performing these exercises, and do consult your ophthalmologist. Eye Exercises For Myopia

This technique helps the eyes to relax. Rub your palms together rapidly, so that they get warm. Close the eyes. Place the palms over your eyes. Do not press. Feel the warmth and let the eyes relax. Cup the eyes for a minute or two. Repeat twice daily. Exercises To Cure Myopia

Developing Focal Flexibility
The focal flexibility exercise is an important and noteworthy exercise for myopia. Hold your finger 6 inches in front of your face. Focus your vision on the finger for 10 seconds. Then, look at an object at a distance. Now, alternate your focus from the finger to the distant object, about 40 repetitions. Never wear contact lenses or glasses while doing the exercise. Nearsightedness Eye Exercises

For this exercise, you will require a light source; a lamp with a 60 or 100 watt bulb is best. You must keep your eyes closed all through the exercise. Keep the eyes closed and turn directly to the light source. If you feel discomfort, move away from the light source. Picture a point on the horizon. Move the eyes and the head together, and turn slowly to the right, taking 3 – 4 seconds. Come back to the center. Next, turn to the left. Return to the center. Follow up the sunning exercise with palming. Also, closing your eyes and exposing them to the gentle early morning sun is recommended.
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