How The Dawn Of The Computer Age Affects My Life

Topics: Identity theft, Privacy, Theft Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: November 6, 2013
How The Dawn Of The Computer Age Affects My Life
There have been many historical events throughout the history of the world. One that really sticks out to me was the invention of the computer. Computers date back all the way to the early 1800’s, but it wasn’t until about 1949 when computers were first used as personal items.

Computers are a big part of my life. Not only for pleasure, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, but also for schoolwork and communication. I use computers all the time whether it’s to check out the latest cat video (which was hilarious) or to email my teacher if I have a question about the latest assignment. But computers not only affect me they have changed the world, we have gone from very little communication to being able to message somebody halfway across the world in a matter of seconds.

However computers have not only affected the world in a positive way, there are some negative aspects as well. For example they have made it very easy for someone to commit crimes such as invasion of privacy, piracy, and identity theft. These are just a few of the many ways computers can be used in a harmful way.

So are computers good or bad? Lets recap, computers have made it easy to find information that before there invention was very difficult and time consuming to collect. they have made it easier to communicate, and they are a very very good personal entertainment system. On the negative side they have made it easier to invade someone's privacy (especially for the government) and they have made it easier to steal somebody's identity. So is the internet all good? No, but for the most part it is one of the worlds greatest inventions.
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