How to Make Oreo Truffles

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How to Make Oreo Truffles
Are Oreo Cookies one of your favorite snacks, if so, Oreo Truffles are definitely something you need to try? This recipe is fast and super easy to make, and it is also a crowd pleaser. This recipe is one way to really indulge into the Oreo fun. After making this delicious dessert it would turn your favorite cookie into an amazingly delicious truffle.

First, you will need to get the equipment and ingredients you will need to make the Oreo Truffles. There are several pieces of equipment that are necessary: a Ziploc bag, baking rolling pin, blender, a bowl, 2 spoons, microwave, baking pan, and a cookie sheet. The most vital part of this recipe is the ingredients. The ingredients that you will need are 1 package of Oreo cookies; you can get the regular or double-stuffed cookies, 1 package of 8 ounce Philadelphia cream cheese; however you should avoid fat- free because it can alter the texture or taste of the truffles, and 1 lb of semi-sweet chocolate or white chocolate chips. Now that you have the equipment and ingredients needed to make the truffles, it is time to prepare the recipe.

Pre-crumbling the cookies is something you must do when you are preparing your ingredients. Open the bag of cookies and put them all inside the Ziploc bag. Once all the cookies are in the bag, seal tightly and lay bag on a flat surface. Take the baking rolling pin and start rolling the pin over the bag until all cookies are crumbled. When you are finish with this process you may notice that some of the cookies are not crumble as finely as you want them to be, so then you must use the blender. Pour the cookies crumb inside the blender and cut four ounces of cream cheese. After cutting the cream cheese put it inside the blender also. Once you have the cookies crumb and cream cheese inside the blender, mix together until you get a consistent color and texture. Then you will take a spoon and pour mixture inside a bowl and refrigerate for about 30 minutes to 1...
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