Importance of Exercise

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English 12
7 October 2013
The Importance of Strength Training, Conditioning, and Stretching
“Over the past few decades the number of recreational and competitive sport programs for children and adolescents has increased dramatically” (Faigenbaum and Micheli). Popularity and competitiveness has grown amongst people of all ages in sport today. Children even as young as six along with adults over 55 years old now participate in sports. Women and young girls now also compete more than ever before (Faigenbaum and Micheli). There is a risk for injury if you don’t pay close attention to strength training, conditioning, and stretching. For an athlete, strength training, conditioning, and stretching contribute to a healthy stable career.

Proven athletic performance depends on qualities of strength training (Defranco). The background for all other athletic qualities is built by strength. Speed in running can be directly related to muscular strength. So you must be strong to increase your fastness. If you cannot attain proper knee drive, proper arm swing, posture and push-off, then you can’t be fast. “There is a high correlation between an athlete’s jumping ability and agility in relation to relative body strength. A strong athlete will acquire the ability to jump higher and move quicker than their weaker counterparts. The primary function of the body’s 600 plus muscles is to move body parts. Only muscle can cause movement” (Defranco). The stronger the muscles, the more forceful the contractions of the movement is. The athlete will run faster, jump higher, kick or throw further, and he or she will hit harder. In addition to all of this, injuries are also decreased with a strong body. Even if an injury does happen, the recovery time will tend to be significantly less (Defranco). There are many benefits to strength training. Increasing your muscular strength will raise your basal metabolism rate (Rodriguez). That is your resting metabolism. You’ll burn more calories...
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