Link Between Strategic Management and Leadership

Topics: Strategic management, Strategic planning, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: October 10, 2012
UNIT NAME: Human Resource

ASSIGNMENT NAME: To achieve goals of the organization there must be vertical link between business strategy and HR strategies and horizontal links among HR strategies Student Name : Phone Myint Ko

Issue Date : August 12, 2012

Submission Date : August 19, 2012

The human resource of an organization offered the potential synergy for sustained competitive advantage, when properly deployed, maintained and utilized. From the onset, the traditional HRM, the formal system for managing people in organization, concerned itself essentially with transactional and administrative support services. The emergence of SHRM, concerned with the relationship between HRM and strategic management of the organization, was a paradigm shift. The strategic business partner model emphasized the proper integration or fit of HR practices with the business strategies of the organization, to generate a competitive advantage.

Vertical link between business strategy and HR strategies and horizontal links among HR strategies Strategic Human Resource Management is the practice of aligning business strategy with that of HR practices to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. The aim of SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) is to ensure that HR strategy is not a means but an end in itself as far as business objectives are concerned. The idea behind SHRM is that companies must “fit” their HR strategy within the framework of overall Business objectives and hence ensure that there is alignment between the HR practices and the strategic objectives of the organization. The new business context, which is characterized by increasing globalization, greater organizational complexity, market competitiveness and cutting-edge information communication technology, is prompting organization executives to take more interest in the deployment and utilization of their human resources. The HR...
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