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Name :fayaz
Case analysis

The satyam saga a case of a haunted house

1. Do you think SM (M&M) will reclaim the days of past glory? If yes, what long-term strategy do you think should be adopted to best quicken the revival?

Answer : yes its will get long time strategy and its will be from 1 year up 3 year maybe its be long time strategy until the clear and understand about the policy and situation of this SM (m&M) believe in determinism, that is, the choices they make are determined by their internal and external environments, are proactive, shape ideas, and change the way people think about what is desirable, possible, and necessary more willing to invest in innovation, human capital, and creating and maintaining an effective culture to ensure long-term viability focus on tacit knowledge and develop strategies as communal forms of tacit knowledge that promote enactment of a vision, see themselves as conservators and regulators of existing order; sense of who they are depends on their role in organization Note :Recent reports indicate the continued preference of 'Ramalingam Raju's' style of management by the old employees of Satyam and the fact that such employees feel that they are being managed by outsiders. It is also rumored that it is these employees who are now trying to switch their jobs. Of course, the SM management is doing its best to win over such employees and is taking pro-active steps to dissipate such rumors.

2. What HR strategy would you recommend for SM to inculcate a sense of belongingness, loyalty and improved performance of its employees? Answer:
* The Sm its very important role is playing for the improve of loyalty of employees and performance of employees, * The SM its master the competence of sm ,which discuses methodologies of tolerating and managing stress one needs to climb which are stress tolerance and impulse controls ,respectively . * And to master the competence of ad ,one needs to...
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