Management Planning in Tagalog

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Accounting System / Internal Control Questionnaire

Please provide answers to the following questions.

1.Which of the following best describes the accounting system?

| |Manual | |Automated | |Combination | |(If the Organization is using a commercial accounting package, please send us a copy of the cover page of the run manual.) |

2.Is there a chart of accounts?

| |Yes | |No |(If yes, please provide us with a copy of the chart of accounts) |

3.Are the following books of accounts maintained?

| |Yes |No |
|General Ledger | | |
|Project Cost Ledger | | |
|Cash Receipts Journal | | |
|Cash Disbursements Journal | | |
|Payroll Journal | | |
|Accounts Receivable Ledger | | |
|Accounts Payable Ledger | | |
|Sales Journal | | |
|Purchase Journal | | |

4.Does the accounting system adequately identify receipts and expenditures for each grant or contract?

| |Yes | |No |

5.Does the accounting system provide for recording of expenses for each program by budget cost categories?

| |Yes | |No | |(If yes, please provide us with sample copies of the job cost/project cost reports the Organization’s accounting system can generate.)|

6.Are time distribution records maintained for each employee to account for 100 percent of his/her hours?

| |Yes | |No |(Please provide us...
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