Marketing Plan for an Airline

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Marketing Plan for Breeze Airlines

24 April 2010
Marketing Plan for Breeze Airlines
Air has become the most preferred method of transportation for many people around the world and more travelers are looking for affordable ways to travel between destinations. Consequently, the increase in customer’s demand for cheaper fares has created an excellent business opportunity for low cost airlines to emerge. Low cost carriers have been successful satisfying customer’s demand for cheaper fares and reducing labor cost. “A high quality low-price entry strategy may seem very attractive at first glance. Obviously, an airline, or any startup firm for that matter, is likely to win a market if it can indeed provide a better product for a significantly lower price” (Ben-Yosef, 2005, p.243). Their marketing strategies have been so successful that many of these carriers have become passenger’s first choice for air transportation. During economic turndown, “the low-cost airlines as a group were able to expand operations and maintain revenue growth in spite of the economic trend. Passengers became more aware of and discontented with the major network airlines’ pricing practices…They joined the group of low fare payers” (Ben-Yosef, 2005, p.244). The marketing plan is to support the introduction of a low cost carrier Breeze Airlines by establishing marketing objectives, identifying the marketing segment and market position in the U.S market. The second stage in the marketing plan is to establish marketing objectives because the objectives describe what the company is trying to accomplish. They can be set up at a corporate and functional level but they must follow the SMART criteria. The SMART criteria follow five simple concepts in which it clearly states that objectives must be “specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-framed” (Nobilis, 2008, February 9). The specific objective for the low cost carrier Breeze Airlines is to position itself as the...
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