Marketing Report of the Amul Company, Including the Swot, Tows, Ifsa, Efas

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Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited

M5CST01: Business Strategy
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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of the Industry
The dairy industry plays an important role in the socio-economic development of India. The dairy industry in India is instrumental in providing cheap nutritional food to the vast population of India and also generates huge employment opportunities for people in rural places. The Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying, and Fisheries, which falls under the central Ministry of Agriculture, is responsible for all the matters relating to dairy development in the country. This department provides advice to the state governments and Union Territories in formulating programs and policies for dairy development To keep focus on the dairy industry a premier institution known as the National Dairy Development Board was established. This institution is a statutory body that was established in 1987. The main aim to set up the board was to accelerate the pace of dairy development in the country and attract new investments. India is a wonderland for investors looking for investment opportunities in the dairy industry. The dairy industry holds great potential for investment in India and promises high returns to the investors. The reasons why the industry has huge potential for attracting new foreign investment are: 1. There is a basic raw material need for the dairy industry; that is, milk is available in abundance. 2. India has a plentiful supply of technically skilled laborers.

3. There is an easy availability of technological infrastructure. 4. India has all the key elements required for a free market system.


1.2 Company History

AMUL was set up in 1946 and its full form is Anand Milk-producers Union Ltd. The Brand Amul is a movement in dairy cooperative in India. The management of the brand name is done by the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) which is a cooperative organization based in Gujarat.

1.3 Analysis of Vision and Mission
VISION: ‘liberate our farmers from economic oppression and leave them to prosperity’. MISSION: ‘Dairy cooperatives of Gujarat turnover to be Rs. 27,000 crores by 2020’.

Objective: To ensure that the maximum share of the consumer‟s rupee goes back to the milk producers. After analyzing the vision and mission of the company it is pretty sure that the company would strive to expand its distribution network, would involve its manpower in creative marketing, plan for consumer education and product innovation, would leverage effectively on rising levels, grow affluence among Indian consumers and would tap the rising demand for new value added products.


1.4 About AMUL
1.4.1 Location
Amul is located in the Anand district which is in the state of Gujarat and it has set up itself as a model for development in the rural areas. For Amul brand has started the White Revolution of India which has helped to make the country the biggest manufacturer of milk and it‟s by products in the whole world. Amul has around 2.6 million producer members and the total capacity for handling milk is around 10.16 million liters every day. The brand's capacity for milk drying is around 594 Mts. each day and its capacity for cattle feed manufacturing is about 2640 Mts. each day.

1.4.2 Product Portfolio
Amul is the biggest brand in the pouched milk sector in the world and in India it is the biggest food brand. Amul's range of products includes milk, ghee, milk powders, curd, ice cream, paneer, cream, chocolate, cheese, butter, and shrikhand.

1.4.3 Brand Umbrella

The various brands of Amul's bread spreads are Amul Lite, Amul Butter, and Delicious Table Margarine. 

The Brand Amul's milk drinks are sold under various names such as Amul...
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