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Table of Contents
Chapter # 1 Introduction2
Origin of the Report:2
Objectives of the Report3
Scope of the Report:3
Limitation of the Report4
Methodology of the Report4
Chapter # 2 Theoretical Framework6
Strategic Choices8
Developing a Total Compensation Strategy9
Chapter # 3: Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited (ROBI).10
Background of “ROBI”10
Objectives of ROBI11
Vision & Mission of “ROBI”12
Logo and Visual Language:12
Human Resource Division13
Chapter # 4: Aristopharma Ltd.14
Background of “Aristopharma Ltd.”14
Vision, Motto, Strength14
Human resource15
Chapter # 5: Developing Total Compensation Strategies16
1.Compensation Objectives16
2.Internal Alignment:17
3.Employee contributions:18
4.External Competitiveness:20
Table: Compensation Strategies23
Constructing Maps of Aristopharma & ROBI24
Chapter # 6 Recommendation and Conclusion25

Chapter # 1 Introduction
Origin of the Report:

For BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) students of ASA University Bangladesh, Term paper is very necessary for every student to complete the courses. In Compensation Management, “Total Compensation Strategy” is a vital topic and creating a term paper by visiting different companies is very necessary for us. Term Paper provides an opportunity for students to link theory with practice. The Term Paper has following purposes: It provides a student with a practical real world experience in the public or nonprofit sector before entering into a job market. It enables a student to develop important skills which cannot be taught in the classroom. It enables a student to compare theoretical ideas learned in the classroom within the world of work. It permits a student to apply the technical skills learned in the classroom to real world problems.

We have prepared this report after visiting ROBI Axiata Ltd. And Aristopharma ltd. This Term paper is based on “Total Compensation Strategy of ROBI Axiata Ltd and Aristopharma ltd.”. We have also covered information regarding the organizational overview and what we did and learned from those companies.  

Objectives of the Report

There are two kinds of objectives of the report. They are:
General Objective
Specific Objective

General Objective:
This term paper is generally prepared to complete different courses of BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree, required by the ASA University Bangladesh.

Specific Objective:
The study has been undertaken with the following specific objectives: To analyze Compensation System of different companies.
To analyze Compensation Strategies of different companies. To analyze how their Compensation Strategies fit with their objectives and four policy choices. To have a better orientation and practical knowledge about developing a compensation strategy.

Scope of the Report:

The report deals with the Developing Total Compensation Strategy in terms of theoretical point of view and the practical use. The study will allow learning about how the Total Compensation Strategy actually takes place in different organizations, how they implement the compensation strategy, and how they fit their compensation strategy with the objectives and four policy choice. Here, we survey the ROBI Axiata Ltd. And Aristopharma Ltd. To prepare this term paper.  

Limitation of the Report

It is really very difficult to find out every single issue within this limited period of time. Overally the the limitations those we have faced are: Time Frame.
Access to more internal information.
It was really difficult for us to accumulate confidential financial data. Bureaucracy.
Use of biasness and references in the recruitment.
The company does not have sufficient source of secondary data and collecting of Data was not smooth.

Methodology of the Report

Sources of Information

The scope of the study is limited within...
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