Mathematics in Daily Life(Us Style)

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People use math in their daily life. When you go to the grocery story you have to find out if you have enough money. When there are sales how much money it is and how much you save!! :)

People use math every day. You use math whenever money, time, weight, height, calories or distance are involved for starters. Money
You are going to book a hotel room for a trip. You have a coupon for a 15% discount. The rate is $120 before your discount. What is your rate ($102) and is it better than the internet rate, of $99.95? You will also want to consider the 10% hotel tax rate and the fees charged by the internet travel site (tax + $5.00.) With tax the room with the coupon is now $112.20, but with taxes and fees the rate for the internet room is $114.95. Good thing we know math. Time

You get home at 4:15pm and you have a friend coming to pick you up to go to a party at 8:30. If you need to switch the laundry (10min), walk the dog (20min), take out the trash (15min), cook and eat dinner (60min) and do the dishes (20 min). How much time do you have to pick out clothes (?), shower (10min), iron clothes (10min), do your hair (?), do makeup (?), find shoes (?) and if you do the laundry first will there be enough time to use a piece of clothing that you put in the dryer earlier? Weight

Your child is 4 and weighs 35lb and has tended to be of average weight/height. You want to buy something for your child that will hold up to 75lb. How many other kids can play on the item also? If 11 year olds weigh about 77lbs how long will he be able to use the item? Height

If you have a 9ft ceilings,your tree topper is 7" tall and your tree stand adds 9" in height, what is the tallest Christmas tree you can fit? What if you get an artificial tree with it's own stand that adds 0" to the height? Calories

If you are serving a 600 calorie meal and you want to serve spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, wine and desert you will need to know how much they all are. 1 serving of spaghetti (5oz)...
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