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Topics: Medea, Hedda Gabler, Middle class Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Women have struggled with their place in society since the beginning of time, they even struggle with their place now. The main character in the plays Hedda Gabler, Hedda Gabler, and in Medea, Medea, both did not accept their typical role in society as women. Similarities that may connect these women and their refusal to be a typical woman are that they both were high class, and that they were both raised by their fathers. Differences that set Hedda Gabler and Medea apart are that Hedda cared deeply about her reputation, and that Medea has true love for her husband, Jason.

Both women, Medea and Hedda, were raised in a very high class society, but then became lower class after marriage. Medea’s father ruled Colchris, a land known for its barbaric ways. Hedda Gabler’s father was a general. Medea and Hedda left their roots to go off on their own, neither one for the right reasons. Medea left Colchris to be with Jason, whose life she saved. For Jason Medea killed her brother and left her father to never speak to him again. Medea left the life of being a princess and entered into the middle class society in Corinth. After having Jason’s two sons, Jason leaves Medea for the king of Corinth’s daughter, Creusa. Hedda did not have receive enough money to get by after her father’s death. She married George Tesman out of pity, and with the hope that someday he would make a lot of money. George’s plans of become a money making doctor start to blow up in his face, and Hedda’s plan of being high clss once again are unraveling.

Medea and Hedda were both raised by their fathers. Hedda had grown up with guns around her, so she had picked up on how to act as a man and shoot like one. Over time Hedda had become accustomed to the lifestyle as a man. Completely changing her personality into the typical woman in her society was painful for Hedda. She was not comfortable with the idea of getting married, having children, and doing nothing successful in her life Medea’s parental...
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