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Topics: English-language films, Birthday, Happy Birthday to You Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: October 15, 2013
 “TheUnforgettable 16th”
I believe every people in this world have at least one unforgettable moment in their life. Birth, death, wedding or even a surprise could be precious. In my opinion, every single birthday in every single years in my life are so precious. But from all those lovely birthdays, I got one that has become the most difficult birthday to be forgotten. It was my sixteenth birthday, that shocked and also surprised me. It was not because the birthday present or the cake I got, but simply because the attention that I got from my friends.

I clearly remember that day, my friends borrowed some comics from me. Without any hesitation, I lent those comics. But in the next few hours, I got a big shocked. It was when the Chinese teacher came to our class and told us that we’re going to have a test. The students were shocked of course since it was a sudden test, and we didn’t study at all. Well, you must think this is the big shock I got, but it isn’t. 15 minutes passed, the teacher suddenly called me outside. I was wondering what’s wrong. And then outside the class, the teacher asked me “Do you know what mistake have you done?”. I thought I didn’t do anything wrong, so I said “No, I didn’t do anything”. But the teacher said “Yes, you did something wrong. Think of it, stand here outside the class. I’ll come back and ask you the same question, if you can’t answer it, you can’t join the test”. So the teacher went back inside the class, and I did some introspection. “Ah I remember, I used my phone which is prohibited”, I said quietly. Then the teacher came out, and I told her the answer. But unfortunately, she said “Well it is wrong, but that’s not the one I mean”. And so, she went inside the class, and I still stood there. I was getting frustrated, and the tears falling down. Suddenly, all my classmates came outside the class and sang me the happy birthday song. It was unbelievable, they pulled me inside and told me that they succesfully fooled me....
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