Methods and Procedures

Topics: Scientific method, Hypothesis, Mortar and pestle Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: February 7, 2014

Methods and Procedures
The study used experimental and descriptive study type of research. The experimental method was used to prove and test the hypothesis by the use of controlled observations and measurements. The descriptive method was used to describe data rather than explain it. It develops, tests and evaluates methods of research. It also explores experience in real life situations. Common methods for gathering data are questionnaire, interview and observation.

1. Preparation and gathering of materials needed
Gather all the required ingredients together and set them out so that they are easily accessed and within reach. 2. Pound the Ipil-Ipil leaves
Remove the Ipil-Ipil leaves from its stem. Then, pound the Ipil-Ipil leaves using a mortar and pestle. Continue to pound the leaves until it becomes an extract. 3. Applying the extract
Apply the extracted Ipil-Ipil leaves on the footwear that will be made shiny using a cotton, towel or other materials. 4. Brush the Ipil-Ipil leaves
After applying the extracted Ipil-Ipil leaves on the footwear, remove the remaining Ipil-Ipil leaves or other excess dirt from the footwear using a brush.

Scope and Limitations
This study utilizes the use of Ipil-Ipil leaves extract and its development and capabilities to be used as an alternative shoe polisher. The development of Ipil-Ipil leaves extract to be as durable, as effective and to produce at least some productions of shoe polish and how credible the production is. ​The study’s limitations is to do the utilization of Ipil-Ipil leaves extract as an alternative shoe polish and the only component present is the Ipil-Ipil leaves extract alone. No added components such as banana peels, baby oil and the like that will make a footwear as shiny.

Definition of Terms
To fully understand the context of the research, here are the definition of words found in the study: Extract – it is a substance made by extracting or liquefying a raw material. Utilization – to...
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