Organizational Diversity: Affirmative Action and Diversity Management

Topics: Affirmative action, Discrimination, Minority group Pages: 9 (1739 words) Published: August 14, 2014
Knowledge Objectives
Define organizational diversity and distinguish between affirmative action and diversity management. Distinguish multicultural, plural, and monolithic organizations. Describe the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population and explain their implications for the composition of the workplace. Discuss general changes in the United States that are increasing the importance of managing diversity effectively. Understand why successfully managing diversity is extremely important for high-involvement work organizations.

Discuss the various roadblocks to effectively managing a diverse workforce. Describe how organizations can successfully manage diversity. 2-0
Diversity Defined
A characteristic of a group of people where differences exist on one or more relevant dimensions such as gender. Diversity is a group characteristic, not an individual characteristic. 2-0
Common Dimensions
• Gender
• Race
• Ethnicity • Age
• Religion
• Social Class
• Sexual Orientation
• Personality
• Functional Experience
• Geographical Background
“The effects of diversity can result from any attribute that people use to tell themselves that another person is different.” K. Y. Williams and C. A. O’Reilly
Examples of Definitions Thoughts?
Strategic Importance of Organizational Diversity • Improves
• Corporate culture
• Recruitment
• Relationships with clients and customers
• Builds competitive advantage
• Understand and serve diverse customer base
• Heterogeneous teams deal better with complex problems and challenging tasks • More commitment to organization’s mission
Affirmative Action vs. Diversity Management Purpose Assimilation
Cause of Problems
Time Frame
Affirmative Action
Prevent and remedy discrimination
Assumes individuals will assimilate and adapt
Recruitment, mobility, and retention
Does not address the cause of problems
Temporary, until representation of disadvantaged groups
Diversity Management
Create an inclusive, empowered work environment
Assumes that managers and the organizations will change
Allows all associates to reach their full potential
Attempts to uncover the root causes of diversity problems
Ongoing, permanent changes
Adapted from Exhibit 2-1: Differences between Affirmative Action Programs and Diversity Management Programs 2-0
Organizational Diversity Multicultural Organization
Plural Organization
Monolithic Organization
Forces of Change
• Changing workforce demographics – percentage by race, age and sex – Exhibit 2-2 • Increase in the service economy • Global economy
• Requirements for teamwork
High-Involvement Organizations Individual Outcomes

• •
Commitment to the organization
Job involvement Satisfaction
Decision making Creativity Complex tasks
Return on equity Market performance
• Group •
Organizational Outcomes

• • •
Societal and Moral Outcomes $10.5M & $8M $508M
$176M $250M
Laws Preventing Discrimination Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act,
Civil Rights Act of 1991
Equal Pay Act of 1963
Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
Adapted from Exhibit 2-3: Federal Laws Preventing Employment Discrimination 2-0
The Case of France
• Religious discrimination
• Discrimination issues in hiring
• Promotional issues
• Thoughts on the policy of not collecting data on race and ethnicity or no affirmative action laws? • Thoughts on what these companies are doing?
Experiencing Strategic OB
Roadblocks to Diversity 2-0
Prejudice and Discrimination Prejudic e
Modern Racism
A generalized...
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