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In society’s struggle against the growing obesity epidemic and the rising number of health related illnesses, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure children are being taught the significance of participating in regular physical activity and to also attain an understanding of the different aspects of physical education. Physical education can be defined as the understanding, development and teaching of the sociological, physiological and psychological aspect within sport and physical activity. Physical education helps students develop social skills and understanding which will ultimately enable the student to become a positive member of society. Physical education also allows students to develop their own skills and knowledge of sports and physical activities, which in turn will help promote a healthy, active lifestyle and potentially provide future career opportunities. Physical education has the potential to make significant contributions to the education and development of children and young people in many ways.

Physical Education is the main institution for the development of physical skills in children and young people. Educational theorist Telama, has highlighted the idea that schools are the main environment for many children to be physically active, whether it is through physical education programs or after-school activities (Telama et al, 1997).

The physiological benefits of Physical Education are well established. Regular participation in physical activities can help lead to a longer and better quality of life, reduced risk from a number of health related diseases and many psychological or emotional problems. Regular physical exercise can reduce the risk of hear disease, type two diabetes and high blood pressure while also helps in the prevention of weight gain and depression or anxiety (Wuest & Fisette, 2012). Basic movement skills that are developed through Physical Education programs are the foundations of almost...
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