Physical Exercise and Cory

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Project 2: Compare and Contrast Study
Habits of Success and Concentration

Patrick Seals
Professor Molly Marie Foland
English W132
October 9, 2013

Habits of Success and Concentration
Sweat dripping down your face. Your body burns, you’re tired, weak, and ready to give up. But something inside of you says keep going, don’t stop! So you keep pushing until you can no longer push anymore. The feeling of accomplishment is unreal. Your body feels defeated, but your soul has the feeling of a champion. There is much more to working out than just a gym and equipment. It’s a mind set, a desire, a go all out attitude. Without that, you are nothing.

Working out and training is a big part of my life. It is my passion and is something I look forward to everyday. There is one man that has helped change my life and shown me things that can help me to better myself and my workouts. The funny thing is I haven’t even met this man. The man I am talking about is Cory Gregory. Cory is the co-founder of the company musclepharm which produces supplements. Their motto is “Fueling athletes safely.”(Gregory 6). These products have helped me to achieve my goals and teach me a little about the proper ways to take supplements safely. The book I read is called “Habits of Success and Concentration” and is written by Cory Gregory and Theron Dumont. Cory says he wanted to help people achieve their goals and have an easy way to access advice, tips, and motivation (Gregory 9). This was his drive to make the book.

Cory Gregory has an interesting story. He wasn’t always a successful body builder who owned a company. He was once an underground coal miner who was working to save money for college. At age 20 he decided to open up his own gym and slowly became the icon he is today. Cory has operated a successful gym and personal training/transformation business for more than eight years. It has given him great insight and experience in dealing with fitness-minded consumers. Cory has also competed in 14 drug-free bodybuilding events, which tells you why musclepharm’s motto is fueling athletes safely, and more than 20 power lifting competitions. He has learned from and mentored under some of the best professionals in the industry, Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale and Dr. Eric Serrano (Dumont 20). Cory also has a degree as an Exercise Specialist from Columbia State College.

I haven’t always been a workout fanatic. I was once a lazy kid who played sports but wasn’t concerned with trying to be in the best shape possible. After I graduated high school I missed not having sports in my life. That’s when I really started focusing on working out. At first I just kind of lifted weights, not really in any particular routine. I got some results but nothing amazing. Then one day I saw a guy on twitter named Cory Gregory. I decided to follow him and he would tweet motivational things everyday and talk about working out. I started doing a little bit of research and was amazed at what I found. He has multiple workout routines that can get you in amazing shape. So I started taking his advice and am now in the best shape of my life. When I had seen Cory released a book I didn’t hesitate to start reading it. Let me tell you it has taught me so much.

I have always been a skinny guy, which I hated because some people look at you the same way they do overweight people. I tried to gain weight by eating everything in sight but it just didn’t help. I didn’t know anything about the proper way to diet to gain weight or how to lift weights to gain weight. I was very inexperienced and it was frustrating. Then I picked up Cory’s book and read something “Swole is an attitude. It's a no-holds-barred, never-give-up, work-smart, one-more-rep, two-more-minutes, get-big lifestyle. Swole is more than size. Swole goes beyond swagger. Swole is the pursuit of your biggest and best self (Gregory 48). This was one of Cory Gregory’s workout routines....
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