Physical Exercise and Versus Jogging Outline

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Two types of Exercises: Running Versus Jogging
When people think of jogging and running, they tend to categorize it together. When asked for people to tell me the difference, I get the answer “the speed”, but it is much more than that. Jogging is for people who want to do a “less strenuous, less serious form of running.” ( Meanwhile, running is for the more elite and competitive. It is hard to tell any other differences when the naked eye is observing. But when researched and examined, we can prove that the results, muscle power, and intentions of runners and joggers vary. Both are a beneficial and healthy ways to exercise.

1. Running
a. Faster Pace
i. “Jogging is defined as going at a pace of less than 6 mph, while running is defined as anything faster than 6 mph. ( b. More intense
i. “Requires more effort than jogging but cannot be done by people of all age groups.” ( c. Burn more calories
i.  “Another study published in the April 2008 issue of the "International Journal of Obesity" concluded that high-intensity exercises such as sprinting burn a much more significant amount of total body mass and fat mass than slower, steady-state exercise such as jogging”( d. Reduce health risks

i. “Running helps in reducing the risk of stroke and breast cancer. Regular running has become a treatment option for doctors to prescribe to patients who are at a high risk” ( 2. Jogging

a. A step up from walking
i. “Jogging requires more muscle than walking and can be done by anyone” ( b. Less of a danger
i. “Due to high impact nature, running can be more injurious than jogging” ( Compare
3. Jogging and running both benefit the human body as a whole. a. “They help the body loose calories and reduce weight”. ( b. “Strengthen the muscles in the legs, abdominal muscles and the cardio vascular system”...
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