Physical Learning Environment

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Motivating Kids in Physical Activity.
Motivating Kids in Physical Activity - ResearchGate. (n.d.). Retrieved from tivity
Weiss, Maureen R.
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest, Series 3 n11 Sep 2000 This article adopts motivational and identifying factors that predict physical activity in children. You will understand exercise motivation in children portrays sources and consequences of self-esteem for exercise behavior. It shows that youth who report stronger beliefs about their physical competencies are likely to enjoy activities and sustain interest in continuing involvement enhances motivation to be more physically active. Research shows that sports commitment influenced by enjoyment, involvement alternatives, personal investments, social constraints, and participation opportunities. Intervention strategies for maintaining and enhancing exercise motivation in children include: provide optimal challenges, create a mastery motivational climate, make physical activity fun, and help children help themselves. I will use this site on helping me motivating the kids. Keep the class fun and interesting so the kids want get bored. This will help them stay health and have fun also. I would like to make exercising fun keep the kids active. Creating Indoor Environments for Young Children. By Francis Wardle, Ph.D.
In this article, I will learn about the safe environment for kids. An early childhood environment is to be a safe place where children are protected from the elements. This safe place it’s where the important activities of the day take place, like playing, eating, sleeping, and going to the restroom. Beyond the basics, an environment for young children implements and supports a program's philosophy and the curriculum. Philosophies like Montessori require well-designed classrooms...
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