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Astronomy presents a universe of possible research topics.

Astronomy quite literally puts the entire universe at your disposal when you are assigned a research paper. Picking a topic can be overwhelming when you look into the sky and think of the billions of stars, and the dollars that have been spent on astronomical research. That research provides valuable references for your own inquiry into multiple topics and ideas that were not even known about half a century ago. Other People Are Reading

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The astronauts and the historically significant unmanned missions may get all the glory and fame, but much of what is known about the universe among astronomers was gleaned not from what was found off the globe, but what was found right here on earth. Thousands of meteors fall to earth every year and these specimens provide a wealth of information about the materials that formed the planets and satellites billions of years ago. A research paper could cover the elements that make up the meteors and compare those to elements making up the Earth. Pluto a Planet?

Pluto may have been officially disqualified as a planet a few years ago, but debate still exists over this decision. pologia astronomy is an experienced-based science- and physics-related curriculum geared for elementary-aged home-schoolers. Courses feature a visual- and conversational-style design, with varying levels of complexity. There also is methodology geared toward older children, such as physics-based experiments that relate to current discoveries in astronomy and cosmology, as they relate to the seven-day Creationist point of view.
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