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Name of organization:Jaipur zila Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Limited, Jaipur

Location of Plant :Jaipur Dairy Jaipur,
Near Gandhi Nagar Rly Station, Jaipur . Total Number of Chilling Centre:5 (Bindayka, Dausa, Caldera.Dude, Shapiro)

Total Number of Plants:One

Cooperative Societies:1288(Functioned)

Total Turnover :230 Crore (annual)

(A) Liquid Milk

(a) Standard Milk
(b) Full Cream Milk
(c) Double Toned Milk

(B) UHT Milks

(a) Cow Milk
(b) Fit-n-Fine Milk(DTM)
(c) Tetra Pack Milk
(C) Ghee

(D) Butter

(a) Table Butter (b) White butter
(E) Paneer

(F) Chhach

(a)Plain (b) Namkeen (Salt & Zebra)

(G) Lassie

(H) Strickland
(a) Leachy (plain) (b) Cesar Pasta

(I) ICE Cream

(a) Softy (Only at Milk Bars)
(b) ICQ Cream (Only Marketing of AMUL product)

(J) Skim Milk Powder

(K) Maw

(L) Dahl

(M) Misty dahlia

(N) Flavoured Milk

Brand Name for the entire product is 'SARAS'

Total number of employee 501

The plant is spread in appr x 20 acre areas land

Installed Capacity of plant1, 50,000 LPD Milk

Present Capacity2, 50,000

Future expanded capacity 5, 00,000

Capacity of Drying Plant 10 MT/day.

This Milk Plant feed milk to the city consumer of Jaipur by milk Booths in polythene packs in addition to this surplus Milk is sent of Delhi to meet demand of fluid milk in Delhi in flush season part of the surplus milk, left after supplying milk if city is scparated and excess of fat is converted into Butter,Ghee and skin Milk is used in making powder (SMP) Lassie, Srikhand, paneer and UITT Milk also produced at this plant.

The Plant is divided in to following sections:
>Production Section :
A. Production Section.
B. Product Section.

(A) Process Section
a) Raw milk Reception
b) Processing of raw milk
c) Packing of milk
(B) Product Section
a) Butter Section
b) Ghee Section
c) By product & pancer section
d) Power Section
>Engineering Section

a) Boiler Section
b) Refrigeration Section
> Quality Control Laboratory

> Effluent Treatment Plant

>Sales and Marketing Section

>Account and Finance Section

> Personnel and Establishment Section
In 1980,Ruben Lisker et al; Two-hundred forty rural and 101 urban children were studied in a double blind fashion to determine their clinical response to three types of milk. Each participant received in three different days, 250 ml of lactose free milk, regular milk, and lactose enriched milk. In the urban girls a control period in which no milk was given was included. In both study groups, lactose free milk was highly significantly better tolerated than the others. However, the frequency of subjects asymptomatic after its ingestion was much lower, particularly in the rural group, to that found previously in a group of adults of high socioeconomic status. It is thought that in the rural children, part of this phenomenon can be explained by intercurrent gastrointestinal infections. There also appears to be a “background” of gastrointestinal symptoms present in the children, which wrongly classifies them as symptomatic to milk ingestion. It is concluded that probably no less than 15% of children have gastrointestinal complaints after the ingestion of 250 ml of regular milk and that lactose hydrolyzed milk is highly significantly better tolerated than the others. Pieter et al;(1987) In a case-control study in The Netherlands, we observed a significantly lower consumption of fermented milk products (predominantly yogurt and buttermilk) among 133 incident breast cancer cases as compared to 289 population controls (mean ±SD among users only, 116 ±100 versus 157 ±144...
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