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Topics: South Africa, Racial segregation, White people Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: December 12, 2014
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Graded Assignment 
Research about the Apartheid Era in 1948.  Identify ethical issues and dilemmas  during the regime.  In a paragraph form, write your recommendations or personal  insights.  The length of the assignment should not be less than 150 words.    Ethical Issues and Dilemmas of Apartheid Era from 1948 to 1994  Apartheid was a system of segregation in South Africa that separated the population into four groups: White, Black, Colored, and Indian. The 'superior' White group was privileged, while the 'inferior' Black, Colored, and Indian groups were discriminated against and forced to submit to many injustices. The Black groups had to use separate and often inferior bathrooms, buses, drinking fountains, schools, as well as many other public services such as hospitals and ambulances. Then, they were not allowed access to most swimming pools, beaches, and movie theatres, and often even park benches were segregated. The Black people were over 80% of the population, yet were ruled and discriminated against by the minority White group. Many Black people were also forced to leave their homes for designated 'homelands', and they were restricted to certain jobs only. They had to carry passes detailing their race everywhere with them, and could be subject to great brutality from the police for not having one.

As a consequence, firstly it sparked significant local resistance and violence, and trade embargo against South Africa. Secondly, those uprisings and protests were responded with the banning and imprisoning of anti-apartheid leaders. Meanwhile, the states had become more and more effective and militarized with repression and violence. But, at the end, Apartheid was abolished in 1994 with the election of Nelson Mandela as Prime Minister.

Because Apartheid is such a regime of discrimination, noticeably, the ethical issues here are the discrimination from people to people, races to races, color to...
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