Sample Thesis Chapter 1 & 2 Only About Stress of College Students

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Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. In psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Symptoms may include a sense of overwhelmed, feelings of anxiety, overall irritability,  insecurity, nervousness, social withdrawal, loss of appetite, depression, panic attacks, exhaustion, high or low blood pressure, skin eruptions or rashes, insomnia, lack of sexual desire (sexual dysfunction), migraine, gastrointestinal difficulties (constipation or diarrhea), and for women, menstrual symptoms. It may also cause more serious conditions such as heart problems. Also, experimental research which has been performed on animals, also displayed results relating to stress and negative effects on the body. It has been shown that stress contributes to the initiation and development of specific tumors within the body. Everyone can experience and suffer stress because of the modernity life of our world, but we will only focus on college students, because we know that studying is not that easy for everyone, and for them, stress is a thing that they need to get used to, because as a student, you’ll encounter things that will challenge your personality. Stress is not always bad. In small amount it is good because its pushes you to do well and do your best and it has athletic performance. It also plays factor motivation, adaptation and reaction to the environment. But take note, everything that is too much is not good for everyone. As a matter of fact, STRESS is rated as a second deadliest killer in the world because there are three diseases that influenced by stress which are: clinical depression, cardiovascular disease, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). When it comes to college students, here are several things that cause stress to them and these are: study issues, money worries, relationship, family pressure and identity.

According to, the term “stressed out” is one that many college students use to describe themselves. Some students use the term so much as to render it meaningless. When you say that you are “stressed out,” what are you saying about yourself? And, more to the point, what is it about your usual coping style that just isn’t working? Stress is an individual’s response to the demand for change. On a college campus, you are continually bombarded with demands to change — your behavior, your academic performance, your career or major choice, your values. Faced with these demands, you may seek to resist changing yourself while also trying to manage the stress so that it does not manage you. To know the causes of stress to students we get source from and according to them the situations and pressures that cause stress are known as stressors. We usually think of stressors as being negative, such as an exhausting work schedule or a rocky relationship. However, anything that puts high demands on you or forces you to adjust can be stressful. There is a previous study entitled “Study that shows college deal with high amount of stress” and was published by Darcie Moran last February 10, 2013, and she said that there is a report that shows most college students are under high level of stress but that might not be a bad thing if students learn to use it to their advantage, experts say, More than half of college students reported above average or tremendous stress levels in the spring 2012 American College Health Association National College Health Assessment undergraduate summary, and 30 percent of students said it had a negative impact on their academic performance. Moser said they’re actually at a really stressful time in life but because the brain is plastic, there’s always a chance to rewire and reboot. Moser said students’ stress typically develops from a mixture of past experiences as well as genetics, and students who are predisposed to stress might not face issues with it until college. He...
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