Scientific Method and Egg

Topics: Scientific method, Observation, Hypothesis Pages: 2 (475 words) Published: June 18, 2013
02.02 Early Cells

1. How are cells affected by the movement of water?
Cells are affected by the water through diffusion. You see if you when you apply or remove water from the cell it will most likely show you how it functions. For example when you have the egg and you apply a bit of water it will most likely shrink if you add a lot of water it’s mostly likely that the egg will burst. Hypothesis

(What do you think will happen to the egg after the three days? Be sure to give a reason for your hypothesis.) 2. I have a thesis that the white shell will be gone to point where you will see the yoke. Data and Observations

Time (hrs)| Observations| Circumference (cm)|
0| 1.  The egg is placed in a container with vinegar solution 2.  A bubble from the water is beginning to emerge. ( but not a lot)|   15.24cm| 24| 1.  The hard egg shell is being dissolved 2.  The egg is still inside the inner part of the membrane|   16.51cm| 48| 1.  The egg shell is really soft 2.  After some hours I saw the shell it has completely dissolved|   17.78cm | 72| 1. I have recorded growth on the egg its self  2.  The egg is no were near how it looked in the beginning the appearance Is completely different.|   17.94cm|

1. How much did the egg change in size? (answer should be in centimeter) The egg changed from 15.24cm to 17.94cm it grew large due to the vinegar and water. 2. Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why not?  Yes my hypothesis was correct because when I once placed the shell and began to observe it, it began to soften the shell until It was able to remove it completely and see the yoke. 3. Evaluate the lab and data collected. What type of transport occurred in this lab? Explain your answer, including evidence from your experiment to support your explanation. Basically any water that entered the egg is considered osmosis. The type of transport was the...
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