SMAD: Social Media Anxiety Disorder

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Christopher Uebler
Ms. August
Social Networking
23 September 24, 2013
SMAD: Social Media Anxiety Disorder
SMAD, also known as “Social Media Anxiety Disorder,” is where people are so addicted to their media lives that they always have to have their smartphone on them. Honestly I’m not surprised about the high amount of people with SMAD because in today’s society we are based on the Internet.

If someone doesn’t text me back within an hour then I usually take it in a negative way. If I am texting someone and it takes them a while to answer I always wonder if they’re ignoring me or they just don’t want to talk to me anymore. Netiquette is Net Etiquette. Some examples know what to say and what not to say, knowing what to post and what not to post. Looking at the examples of SMAD I’d have to say I definitely do have it. I get worried if people don’t answer quickly, If I post a picture up on a social media network or a status and no one likes it then I feel like people don’t like me or stuff like that. The article says if you are having theses symptoms then to turn your computer, Take deep breaths, if you’re driving pull to the side of the road and answer. I agree with that 100%. A tweet or text is not more important than you’re life and if you’re driving and texting then you have a giant risk for something bad to happen. If you’re getting upset because of something going on in your social media life that you don’t like then delete it or block it or turn off your computer for a while and settle down. Don’t let someone else ruin your day.


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