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Topics: Working class, Middle class, Social class Pages: 1 (419 words) Published: March 20, 2011
* Upper class is made up of less than three percent of the population. The upper class is also categorized into two different types of people. First, you have the higher upper class that consists of those that have had money throughout generations of their family. This part of the class is based mostly on money through blood rather than hard work. Most of the higher upper class are materialistic and have their children going to private schools and tend not to be very social except with each other. Then, there is the lower upper class referred to in the book as “newly rich”. They are wealthy due to their hard work and achievements rather than money passed down through the family. They became rich in their lifetime due to something they did. * The upper middle class individuals are also successful and make enough money to live nicely and save. Most of the time, the people in this group are well educated and have high expectations for their children. They don’t have very much power, but tend to influence others around them. * The middle class is a large part of the population. Most of the people within this group still make good money and work hard for they have. Teachers, small business owners, police officers, and independent professionals are some of the jobs that makeup this class. They usually have a college education of some type, but make less money than the upper middle class. * The working class is about a third of the population. This group includes blue collar workers that work with their hands or lower level sales people. They also make less money than the national average and most of them go without health insurance. Sometimes, they fail to have a stable job history and feel the economic pressure due to the lack of income. * One of the lower classes is the working poor. It consists of the lowest pay working jobs, frequently unemployed and the permanently unemployed. The working poor have the jobs that take the least amount of skill with the...
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