Social Media Assignment

Topics: Sociology, Theft, Philip Markoff Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: May 29, 2015
Coleman Mark Social media assignment
Social media has modernized how mass communication works today. From the first recognizable social media site 6 degrees, which was created in 1997, allowed its users from anywhere around the world with internet access and a computer to upload a profile and make friends. The advancement that social media has made towards mass comm has enabled billions of users such as Facebook users to communicate, share, blog, and upload events happening around them into one central shared location. That allows us to stay involved and in contact with events, family and friends around the world in real time. This allows one user to reach millions of people around the world in a few seconds no matter the time or place with the diversity of social media being integrated into every device, such as cell phones, laptops, and home PC’S.

The ability to reach millions of people has allowed societies such as the citizens of Egypt to become aware and organized that help led its revolution. Other benefits of social media helps people market there businesses, announce weddings, plan city or state events for the people, and also help people to start and raise fundraisers such as the ALS fundraiser and breast cancer societies.

The adverse effects of social media allowing any users to reach millions is that it is not limited to criminals who can use social media for burglaries, stage riots, identity theft, and people hacking into personal computers an devices. One incident of social media being used for wrong reasons, is Philip Markoff named the Craigslist killer who used the site Craigslist to lure victims to a hotel where he robbed and murdered women in Boston Massachusetts. Although social media has revolutionized how we communicate in modern society today its benefits can also be used for bad intentions.
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