Social Perception

Topics: Behavior, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 1 (501 words) Published: March 29, 2015
Social perception
We have explained the influences from other people simulate the consumers to shop online. In addition there is another similar theory used to present one of the reasons why thousands of hundreds of Chinese people choose to shop online on 11th, November. In the previous paragraphs, Social proof that means we would rather do the things that most people do affects the consumer behaviour. In fact, in my opinion, Social learning also happened in the process of shopping online. Social learning theory demonstrates that much people learn to do something from observing others and imitate the behaviors which could lead to favorable consequences. From the view of social learning theory, this special festival was just celebrated by the special group “bachelors’ at the beginning and then from someday ( perhaps 11th, NOV,2011) on, some people start to do shopping online which was observed and modeled by more and more people. Therefore, gradually a large number of people reached the consensus on ‘Shopping Online Festival”. In my opinion, people learn the consequences of the behaviors--shopping online--from mainly two aspects. First, through the direct experience. That means some people who decide to model this shopping behavior are attracted by interesting experience of shopping. In the shopping festival, some people actually do not mean to buy the things they need, but just enjoy the process of shopping and the discount of a variety of name brand products. This type of consumers just find looking through and purchasing goods interesting. And then their interests are observed by others who are also attracted and then get the common interests.. Generally, experiential learning start when we engage in the environment and then we reflect on that experience observed. The second in through logic and observation. These people pay more attention to the consequences. They logically expect the consequences after finishing a work well or poorly. That means the...
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