Sociocultural Influences on a Person's Attitude Towards Physical Exercise and Heath

Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Obesity Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Sociocultural Influence’s on a person’s attitude towards Physical Exercise and Health. Humans are by nature social beings. In trying to determine what makes us feel fulfilled, psychologists have found that a feeling of social connection or relatedness is near the top of the list of what we need to experience. We appear to be happiest when we successfully connect with others. Much of what we say and do is motivated by a desire to appear likeable, to gain social approval, to solidify group membership, to manage self-image, or to gain social support. Sociocultural factors that influence a person’s attitude towards Health and Physical exercise can be classified into three groups. They are * Self-presentation

* Social Influence (social norms and persuasion)
* Social support

The number one most influential factor on how sociocultural influences do have on one’s attitude towards health and physical exercise. Self-presentation is where a person tries to influence others on the perception of their own image. People make many different attempts to manage how others’ view them because other people control many of the things we want to obtain, such as friendship, financial resources, or career advancement, we strive to gain others’ approval or avoid rejection. In exercise and physical activity settings, these attempts to present ourselves favourably may have either positive or negative effects on our strivings to be physically active. For example, Tim is slightly overweight and has dietary habits that aren’t exactly the best and decide to join a gym. Tim doesn’t want to go and run on the treadmill next to a super fit world class athlete because his figure and athletic ability are notably different and he doesn’t wish to embarrass himself. We see in this example that Tim has this idea that because he isn’t the same as the super fit world class athlete that he isn’t healthy and therefore he is reluctant to exercise because he’s afraid of...
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