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Topics: Indigenous Australians, John Howard, Indigenous peoples Pages: 4 (716 words) Published: November 21, 2014
Particular extracts from different speeches create an easy understanding of the speech in order for the complete meaning of the text to be conveyed to the audience.

Anwar Sadat’s: ”statement to the Knesset 1997” intelligently captivates modern audiences, depicting values which are relevant in today’s society. Features of his speech, including inclusive language engage the audience and explore values which are recurring themes throughout Sadat’s speech; democracy, justice, peace and unity. Through this, Sadat’s speech relates to my personal context, the way in which I was raised in Australia which is a multicultural country which celebrates diversity and harmony.

A major value throughout Sadat’s statement to the Knesset is the idea of “permanent peace based on justice”. His central idea is analysed through the use of inclusive language and anaphora. “As we really and truly seek peace, we really and truly welcome you”. The use of inclusive language creates a connection between Sadat and the audience further prompting us to achieve a common goal. Sadat’s “statement to the Knesset 1997”, contributes to my knowledge of the speech as the necessity for peace relates to my world, as in Australia, we live in a peaceful, democratic country. Sadat’s speech makes the audience aware of the importance of peace, a value which Australians are freely given, a value which other people strive to achieve. Through foregrounding peace throughout his speech, Sadat allows for the “bells of peace to ring” and the “drums of war” to be silenced. Through recognising peace, the audience are able to further understand the context of the speech as we can relate to a democratic country as we live in Australia.

The use of a rhetorical question; “why don’t we stand together with the same courage and boldness to erect a huge edifice of peace that builds and does not destroy?”, challenges the audiences’ beliefs and values, which demonstrates a key value which Australians experience...
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