Stress paper (nursing)

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Stress Paper
Steven Smith
Saint Xavier University

Stress Paper
The main stressors in my life are school, and disturbed sleep pattern related to stress and hectic workload. Some common coping mechanisms to relief the stress that I researched and found to be effective, were, deep breathing, yoga, proper nutrition, and time management. These are just a few of the many stress coping mechanisms that I researched and thought they fit best with my active lifestyle, and interests. The first of my stressors is school; school is a stressor because it is more demanding than it was in past years there it is now asking more from me along with all my other responsibilities. School takes up a lot of time during the day in classes and then even more time doing outside classwork. This takes away from my work schedule or my sleep schedule neither. School is the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed. School is also a financial bourdon between books, classes, and transportation. The last reason that school is a stressor is because I have put a lot of pressure on my self to succeed I have worked so hard to get where I am today and I have to continue to work hard and not let the little things overwhelm me about school. The coping mechanism that will help with the overwhelming feeling that I get from school according to an article in the Journal of college of Teaching & learning Yoga is one of the most recognized forms of exercise, stretching, and mediation. Yoga has been found to modify stress responses and a person's attitude towards stress, while improving self-confidence, increasing one's sense of well-being, and creating a feeling of relaxation and calmness… Students who participated in the yoga group also reported improved concentration and an optimistic outlook on life (Rizzolo, D., Zipp, G., Stiskal, D., & Simpkins, S. (2009). Page 80). Yoga is a realistic example of a coping mechanism because I exercise daily with weights and it could easily be worked into my routine. According to the article Healthy Student Healthy Nurse that suggests that you incorporate the deep breathing exercises at times of high stress to lower anxiety and refocus the mind such as when studying for a test and right before the test to help with testing anxiety (Billingsley, S. K., Collins, A. M., & Miller, M. 2007). Deep breathing exercises could be effective to lower stress before a test and would be a good addition to my study and test taking habits.

The next of my life stressors is my disturbed sleep pattern, this is greatly due to my excessive amount of schoolwork and work. When I have a lot of schoolwork that needs to be done I have less time to work, which causes stress and the inability to sleep. When I do work and don’t stay home and do schoolwork that causes stress as well that I will not get my school work done, which causes me to stay up at night. Also I have no regularity to my sleep schedule most night I’m up late and get up early. Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis is a stressor not only on my mental stress but it puts a great amount of physical stress on me as well. The physical stress manifests it self as an achy body and lethargic.

One of the coping mechanisms that I researched was good nutrition and a well balanced diet, not to be confused with stress eating which, is the act of eating high quantities of high caloric fatty foods to dull emotions. This promotes a well balanced diet with “”foods containing vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) help to build the brain chemicals norepinephrine, serotonin, and GABA, which affect mood and emotions. Thus, eating whole grains, lentils, and bananas helps to increase the intake of vitamin B6 “” (Billingsley et al. 2007). Eating foods that are better for me will help with energy levels throughout the day by eating well balanced meals throughout the day is better the just picking up fast foods while on the run to take the...
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