Telescopes in Astronomy

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Telescopes in Astronomy


Telescopes in Astronomy

Telescopes are one of the greatest inventions and have led scientists on a fantastic journey of getting closer to understanding the universe. There is no way to research and evaluate outer space without telescopes gathering all of the information that they do. This paper is going to discuss the science of telescopes and explain all of the elements relative to them. How telescopes changed our view of the universe

Without telescopes, our view of the universe is quite small and limited to what our human eyes can show us. Having the ability to see further into space can give us a greater perspective as to our place in the universe and what else is out there. There are many telescopes used to improve our knowledge of the universe but one of the greatest would be the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Hubble telescope was set to orbit the Earth in April, 1990 and has acted as a rollercoaster of information. It has provided some major breakthroughs including the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, the age of the universe, and planets in our own solar system. In 2003 and 2004, scientists pointed the Hubble telescope into two parts of space that had no objects, just blackness (about the size of a grain of sand). This was an extreme risk of wasting the telescopes viewing power and time, but the result was incredible. This provided us with the furthest look into space we have ever seen and a glimpse at over 10,000 other galaxies in the universe just in those two looks (Nunes, 2012).  Major designs of telescopes

There are two major designs of telescopes called refracting and reflecting. Refracting telescopes were the first type of telescope invented and work like an eye where a glass lens is used to focus light. There are a few weaknesses to using a refracting telescopes, one being that the glass used for the lens must be perfectly clear and shaped in order for the light to pass through the lens. The second weakness...
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